Paul Rayner


Paul Rayner, thanks friends who nicknamed him Soleman for his
 artist name that has now stuck. DJ Soleman kind of fits this guy and his
 deep house style he creates.
Now 32 years of age, this Edinburgh born DJ/Producer reminisces
 on how he got into music at a fairly young age through schooling and went
 on to do music at high school finally getting into DJíing through a contact
 of his Dadís who had equipment at his house. Heís been doing it ever since.
He credits the likes of Carl Cox, Tiesto and BT as influences early
 on but as he got older his tastes expanded into the genres he now
 recreates. Instead of the mainstream EDM sound he has been drawn to the
 deeper more techno sounds of the industry.
"Iíve been pretty lucky with people who have helped me in the
 industry as I realize just how savage the music scene can
 be but Iíve been blessed with good people who have been there
whenever Iíve needed them".
Join Paul every Saturday night from 6-8pm with his Big Saturday Show.



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